Get ready for a revolution in flavor, texture and craveability. With the one plant-based protein that combines everything you’re looking for in an ingredient as a chef—without ever having to compromise.


Clean. Simple. Better. High in protein and fiber, low in cholesterol and fat, PAOW! ranks among the healthiest proteins on the market.

Maximize Profit. PAOW! delivers exceptional yield, greatly improving cost efficiency compared to meat.

On-Trend Made Easy. PAOW! makes it easy to deliver the cutting-edge plant-based menu offerings that captivate customers, generate more traffic and encourage repeat business.

Amazingly Versatile. Use PAOW! in any recipe that calls for protein. Cook it, grill it, fry it—any way you want for the consistency you prefer. For signature taste experiences limited only by your imagination.


Our Story

Our Team had a vision: to feed the planet with plants, not animals. We set out to model this vision with creations to disrupt to the status quo with BOLDNESS, originality, and without compromise

What began as a dream was quickly transformed into a state-of-the-art production facility in Ormond Beach, Florida. We are now poised to deliver on that dream! 

Rock the Food!

About Us

Future Foods Enterprises, LLC is an innovative US company producing remarkable, protein-rich foods made entirely from plants. We produce a delicious, versatile, and sustainable alternative to animal protein that adds value, profit, and a new demographic for all our partners.

To lead the plant-based protein shift for the people and our world - without compromise!


OUR MISSION: To educate and inspire a lifestyle movement for People And Our World.


How come it’s so tasty?

One word: TEXTURE. PAOW! products deliver a premium texture that works for any protein dish you can dream up. Even more amazing is all the ways you can prepare it to create craveable flavor experiences that wow customers. Add your signature flavor, sauce or seasoning to make it your own!


Why plant based?

The world is nearing 10 billion people—and we need to find new ways to satisfy their taste for delicious flavor without harming the environment. We believe that PAOW! is a huge step in that direction.


Where's the name from?

The name PAOW! stands for People And Our World and perfectly captures what we’re all about: uncompromising plant-based proteins to give your menu items that amazing jolt of flavor that sparks a delicious taste revolution.


Is PAOW! just for vegans?

Absolutely not! The PAOW! taste revolution is for everyone: meat eaters, flexitarians, vegans, vegetarians…
anyone who loves inspiring menu items full of amazing flavor.


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