Let’s face it. Whether you’re a large chain, an independent restaurant, or non-commercial operation, you’re all about creating incredible flavor. So when working with plant-based protein, only one made with simple ingredients and amazing texture is going to make the cut.

That’s where PAOW! Chef Style comes in. Created with three simple all-natural ingredients—soy, water, and salt—it’s the healthy plant-based protein you can use across your entire menu—for any protein dish—to create revolutionary flavor experiences that keep customers coming back.

This taste revolution is for everyone: meat eaters, vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians… anyone who loves inspiring menu items full of amazing flavor.


Foodservice customers across the country can now rock their menus with PAOW! plant-based proteins. Our entire line of plant-forward products is now available through Dot Foods.

real plant-based protein, created in a kitchen not in a lab.

PAOW! Pieces was created by Chef Anders “The Duck” Linden, a renowned Swedish chef dedicated to creating plant-based foods people can get passionate about. PAOW!'s versatility and chef-friendly qualities ignite your creativity to bring flavor-forward excitement to any dish.



With more restaurant patrons embracing the hot-trending, healthy and sustainability benefits of plant-based eating, PAOW! Pieces make it easy to deliver the bold-flavored, cutting-edge menu offerings that captivate customers, differentiate your operation and grow your business.

College & Universities

More and more students are going meatless, but they’re all seeking bold, adventurous flavor. PAOW! Pieces give you the flavor and versatility to shake things up and bring inspired new menu offerings to university and college dining tables.

Featured Recipe:

Banh mi

Airy, crunchy and deliciously on-trend! Bring excitement to your sandwich menu with our flavorful take on the classic Vietnamese favorite, featuring sautéed PAOW! Pieces, carrots, Daikon radish, jalapeno slices, cilantro and vegan mayo.


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