October 22, 2020

Memo:  As of November 1, 2020, the brand formerly known as Oumph! has become
PAOW! – plant-based solutions for People And Our World.

Dear valued customer,
On November 1st, our Oumph! brand has changed to PAOW! branding.


At Future Foods Enterprises, we wholeheartedly believe that our brand should reflect and honor the vision of our products’ originator, Chef Anders “The Duck” Linden. Chef Duck’s dream is to feed the planet with plants, not animals. The name PAOW! (People And Our World) more aptly brings that vision into focus and serves as a constant reminder of our mission.


Future Foods Enterprises is still the same innovative, customer-focused company, producing remarkable, protein-rich, U.S.A.-made foods made entirely from plants. We’re still operating out of our state-of-the-art production facility in Ormond Beach, Florida. And we’re still supplying the original Chef Style and Pieces products – some of the most versatile and sustainable alternatives to animal protein – as well as a full plant-based portfolio that adds value, profit, and a new demographic for all our partners.


  • What’s happening to the Oumph brand?

Oumph! USA has transitioning to PAOW! branding across all marketing and sales channels. Oumph! is the past and PAOW! is the future.

  • Will this change adversely affect me?

No way! In fact, our energetic team is your dedicated partner in PAOW! plant-based proteins.  More than “just” a taste revolution, let’s talk about how we can help with marketing, branding, and social media support.

  • Are the current products changing?

Nope. The PAOW!-branded products are the same with the exception of the name of the Oumpher Patty, which is now officially the “PAOW! Burger Patty”.

  • How do I order PAOW?

Order your PAOW! the same way that you ordered Oumph! The product SKUs and distributor codes are not changing.

  • What if I have already called out Oumph! by name on my menu?

We will work with you to support a transition plan that meets your expectations.

  • What about the Oumph! brand that is sold in Europe?

The new PAOW! branding will help differentiate our product line from the unassociated Oumph! products sold in Europe. As the original OUMPH! in the USA, we want to eliminate confusion and create clarity for our US plant-based market.

At Future Foods Enterprises, we want to lead the protein shift – without compromise. And we want to work with you, our valued partners, to include our products on every plate. PAOW! is for everyone: meat eaters, flexitarians, vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who loves inspiring menu items full of amazing flavor and texture.

Questions or comments?

We want to know. Please Contact your Future Foods Enterprises representative.


Your team at Future Foods Enterprises, LLC

Future Foods Enterprises, LLC  -  PAOW!

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E+  paow@futurefoods.us
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