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PAOW! Sweet & Hot Harissa Pieces - Retails


PAOW!™ Pieces - Sweet & Hot Harissa
A balance of sweet & hot peppers, citrus, and aromatic spices.

Turn up the heat on rice or noodles. Add to couscous and veggies for a quick meal! 

"not just" Philly

PAOW!™ Pieces - "Not Just" Philly
Our select, smaller cuts add culinary coolness to any meal.

Enjoy a no-compromise classic Philly cheesesteak, now 100% plant-based. Try it in your next stir fry or add to your favorite sauce and toss with pasta! 

PAOW! "Not Just" Philly Pieces - Retails
PAOW! Korean BBQ Pieces - Retails

Korean bbq

PAOW!™ Pieces - Korean Barbecue
A blend of sweet and mild heat with gochujang, ginger, and soy sauce.

Serve over rice with your favorite steamed vegetables or any dish that needs a kick of sweet and mild heat. 


PAOW!™ Pieces - Southwestern Style
Our riff on the traditional flavors of West Texas.

Your new favorite fajita starts here. Also perfect for chili, nachos, tortilla soup, and more! 

PAOW! Southwestern Style Pieces - Retails
PAOW! Rotisserie Seasoned Pieces - Retails


PAOW!™ Pieces - Rotisserie Seasoned
The classic flavor. Slow roasted and savory!

Add protein to your favorite dish. Pan-fry, top a salad, make it into that special pot pie, or pair with stuffing and veggies for the ultimate comfort food! 

madras curry

PAOW!™ Pieces - Madras Curry-Flavored
A traditional blend of aromatic spices, slightly sweet and slightly hot.

Curry-up your favorite recipes with deep savory flavor. Add a side of mango chutney and steamed rice! 

PAOW! Madras Curry Pieces - Retails
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